Meet Patti

What I Believe

I believe in and stand in awe of the one sovereign, eternal God. Creator, orchestrator and sustainer of the infinite universe; revealed as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I believe that I have a heavenly Father who is crazy about me, loves being with me, is my King, my Champion, and my Husband. Who loved me before I ever knew Him, compelling me to love the broken and lost.

I believe and am so grateful that Jesus became God in flesh, born of the Holy Spirit, by a virgin, without fault or blame, died and rose from the dead for my sins, and now talks with my Father in heaven on my behalf.

Patti in Chair

I believe and am empowered by the Holy Spirit who is ever present; comforting, speaking, and showing us our need for and leading us to Jesus. Rebuilding broken lives and, restoring the places long devastated.

I believe that His Word is His love letter to all people, alive and speaking to us today, accurate, without error, and able to breathe new life into death. I adore learning His Word – getting to know Him through scripture transforms me and allows me to grow in my relationship with Him.

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